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    What is The Cost of An Average Divorce In Missouri?

    September 27, 2018

    Divorce Law

    By The Numbers: Divorce in Missouri

    According to Lawyers.com, the average overall cost of getting a divorce in Missouri is $13,500. However, with fees ranging from the low end of $4,000 to the high end of almost $30,000, the actual cost comes down to the details.

    Is the divorce contested or uncontested? Are their children involved? Is there an alimony dispute? Does property require re-evaluation?

    Several factors influence the total cost of a divorce. Nevertheless, the majority of money during a divorce procedure goes towards attorney fees. Because of this, you want the separation to go as smoothly and peacefully as possible.

    Of the average $13,500 price tag for divorce in Missouri, attorneys’ fees make up around $10,600. However, these numbers are called averages for a reason.

    Attorneys generally charge by the hour, so the more an item of contention holds up divorce settlements, the higher your overall costs.

    Divorce costs and attorneys’ fees vary substantially based on the intricacies of the dispute and the length of representation.

    Cost of Divorce in Missouri

    Variable Costs of Divorce

    No matter what kind of divorce you’re going through, filing and service fees will always be a factor. On average, Missouri’s filing fees are around $200 depending on the county.

    There is also an average $25 sheriff’s service fee for serving divorce papers. This price can go up if you do not know the exact location of your spouse.


    One considerable influence on the overall cost of your divorce in Missouri is whether it is contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce is going to cost considerably less overall.

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    There are no drawn-out disputes over property,  no lengthy child custody battles, and no arguments over alimony with an uncontested divorce. If everyone agrees, there is nothing to dispute.

    Often, lawyers will charge a flat fee instead of a per-hour bill on uncontested divorces. On average, these flat fees are around $200.


    For divorce in Missouri, lawyers usually require a retainer. On average, an attorney’s retainer fee is around $3,500. However, this number can be anywhere from $500 to $25,000 based on how complicated the divorce is.

    Once you have the lawyer on retainer, the average cost for legal advice and representation is around $200 per hour.

    If both parties do not agree that the marriage is broken, the divorce must be filed under fault for actions such as adultery or abandonment. This route can also increase the costs.


    Divorces with children are the most expensive. Lawyer fees alone can reach up to $17,000. Although settling before a trial can have a significant impact on overall cost, divorces with children are said to be up to 50% more expensive than average.

    Alimony disputes also increase the overall fees. While alimony disputes that settled cost slightly less than those involving children, those that went to trial actually cost more; upwards of almost $30,000.

    Property dispute divorces are roughly on-par with the average divorce in Missouri. However, going to trial to dispute the division of properties, including the costs to re-evaluate property values, severely increase the overall costs.

    Cost of Divorce in Missouri

    Divorce in Missouri: What Should I Do?

    For a more in-depth look into what you may need to do, check out our article on How to File for Divorce in Missouri. 

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