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Slammed with a hefty speeding ticket? Allegedly ran a red light? Suddarth and Koor, LLC can help. Whatever your citation, we’ve seen it before – and, in most cases, have successfully resolved it without our clients having to go to Court.

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Speeding is a common traffic violation that can lead to serious consequences in the State of Missouri. If you are caught speeding, you can face fines, points on your driving record, and even license suspension. Here are some important Missouri speeding laws to keep in mind.

In most cases, your traffic ticket will be reduced to a non-moving violation with no DMV points, no traffic school, and no court appearance. Don’t delay dealing with your traffic tickets a minute longer. Call Suddarth and Koor, LLC today!

Speeding in the State of Missouri

If you accumulate 4 points within 12 months, the MO Department of Revenue will send you a point accumulation letter. If you have 8 or more points within 18 months, the first suspension period is 30 days, the second suspension period is 60 days, and the third suspension period is 90 days. If you received 12+ points within 24 months, your driver’s license will be subject to revocation for one year.

As you can see, due to the major consequences of having points on your license, it is best to avoid them altogether. Failure to contest a speeding ticket also costs more than just a fine and points on your license. It also can cause your car insurance rates to drastically increase. You can contact Suddarth & Koor, LLC for a free speeding ticket consultation.

Speeding in school and work zones

When driving through a school zone in St. Charles, it’s important to slow down and obey the posted speed limit. School zones typically have lower speed limits than other areas, and speeding in a school zone can result in serious consequences.

When driving through a work zone in St. Charles, it’s important to slow down and obey the posted speed limit. Work zones often have reduced speed limits to protect workers and ensure the safety of drivers.

Lawyers to help with fines from speeding

If you are caught speeding in St. Charles, you can face fines exceeding $200 depending on the speed limit and how much you were exceeding it. Additionally, you can face points on your driving record, which can result in increased insurance rates and even license suspension.

St. Charles law enforcement officers may use radar and laser devices to detect speeding drivers. These devices are highly accurate and can provide evidence of your speed in court if you are ticketed for speeding.

Speeding ticket attorneys in St. Charles and O’Fallon, Missouri

Speeding can have serious consequences in the State of Missouri. It’s important to obey posted speed limits and adjust your driving accordingly to ensure safety for yourself and others on the road. If you do receive a speeding ticket, our traffic lawyers are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance in navigating the legal system and minimizing the impact of a traffic violation on your driving record and finances.

What happens when I get a speeding ticket in Missouri? This is a question we are asked frequently by our clients. It is a stressful situation and an expense nobody wants to deal with. How much does a speeding ticket cost in St. Louis and St. Charles? This is another question we hear a lot. Speeding tickets typically cost $100 – $500 depending on your speed.

Paying your fine may not seem like a significant cost to some, but the costs that will be added to your insurance each month can be extremely significant. We help you avoid these long-term costs with our professional speeding ticket law experience.

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