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      Car Accident Lawyers Serving O’Fallon, St. Charles County, and the Surrounding Counties

      At Suddarth and Koor, LLC we understand an auto or motorcycle accident can change your life. Medical bills and other resulting expenses can be a huge burden on you and those you care about. Similarly, if someone you love is killed or injured in a car crash, the emotional and financial distress can be overwhelming.

      We stand ready to help you receive the compensation and restitution you deserve for your injuries due to your vehicle or motorcycle accident. We help victims recover their losses, whether it is to compensate for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering or other harms and losses.

      Car Accidents

      There has been a drastic increase in the use of technology while driving, leading to major car accidents. Looking down at a phone to check a text or email for even 4 seconds is the equivalent to driving the length of a football field. The most experienced and cautious drivers can become distracted on the road.

      In the state of Missouri, if you or a loved one is hurt due to another driver’s lack of attention, they are liable. If you are in shock following an accident, you may not feel pain, but that doesn’t mean there are not any serious injuries. After a car accident, don’t ignore the pain. Seek medical attention right away.

      Even if there is no exterior damage to your vehicle following an accident, still file an accident report. Take photos of the accident and the vehicles involved and be sure to get full contact and insurance information from all parties involved. If there were any witnesses, get their names and contact information.

      Proving that someone else is at fault for a car accident is not easy and having legal help can go a long way in obtaining a favorable result. To avoid statutes of limitations, it is best to contact us right away following an accident.

      Automobile Injury Attorneys

      Whether the car accident involved one party, or multiple parties, and resulted in injuries, or no injuries, dealing with the insurance companies can be overwhelming. It can be even more difficult to navigate if you are fighting over compensation you need for expenses, such as lost wages and medical bills. An experienced automobile injury deals with the conflict, so you don’t have to, and you can focus on moving on with your life after the accident.

      The strength and success of an automobile injury claim depends upon the ability of your injury attorneys to collect, analyze, and present evidence.

      Suddarth and Koor, LLC can help you understand your rights and file a claim against the responsible parties. If you are in St. Charles, Lincoln or Warren Counties, we are here for you.

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