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    When Should You Hire A Real Estate Lawyer?

    Many people may only think you need a real estate lawyer for complex, drawn-out property disputes.

    However, that isn’t exactly the case. Having a second set of eyes on any given real-estate-related matters is always a good thing. Real estate lawyers have highly trained and educated eyes to lend.

    Sometimes, it is mandatory to hire a real estate lawyer.

    Over 20 states have some form of legislation requiring a real estate lawyer be present. Currently, six states necessitate a real estate attorney to be present during any-and-all facets of a real estate transaction.

    These states are Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, & South Carolina.

    It may not be a requirement in your state, but hiring a real estate attorney still has tremendous benefits.

    Whenever you are buying a house or property in a different state, or in an area with complex city/county/H.O.A. rules and regulations, you might consider hiring an attorney to comb through the fine details.

    Also, when you’re buying a foreclosed house, real estate lawyers can protect you from potentially-overlooked risks.

    Another reason to hire a real estate lawyer is any time you’re investing in a rental property.

    A lawyer can and will guide you through any aspect of renting.

    From zoning to health codes to eviction processes, a real estate lawyer will work to protect your real estate rights.

    When buying or investing in land, it is also crucial to contact a real estate lawyer.

    Additionally, it is almost a necessity to hire a real estate attorney for short sales, where things move hard and fast.

    Why Should You Hire A Real Estate Lawyer?

    Real estate lawyers don’t call themselves that because it looks good on a business card.

    They’ve gone to school. They’ve passed the bar.

    These attorneys have put in the work and learned the ins and outs of real estate law, so you don’t have to.

    If you hire a real estate lawyer when buying a home, from first to last, you’ll know you’re not getting tricked into signing something against your best interests.

    An attorney researches things like historical ordinances, land preservations, city zoning and future road planning.

    Also, a real estate attorney protects and defends your rights during land disputes, adverse possession claims, as well as oil, gas, and Riparian rights. Attorney’s read (and actually understand) all of that fine print.

    They are fluent in legalese, and they’ll translate it for you.

    A real estate lawyer wants to protect you. Not only that, they want to do the stressful work so you can relax.

    Your job is to buy the house, or rent the property, or build on the land.

    The attorney’s job is to look at the details, go over the paperwork, and to know & defend your rights.

    If you don’t want the stress and high-stakes responsibility of dealing with the real estate process, hire a real estate lawyer.

    Who Should You Hire?

    Why, Suddarth & Koor, of course!

    Buying, selling, and leasing real estate can be complicated, but having an experienced real estate attorney will help you minimize the risk and help you obtain the legal guidance you need to protect your assets. 

    Suddarth and Koor, LLC offers our clients years of experience in handling both commercial and residential real property matters.

    If you are seeking assistance in a real estate transfer process, or are looking for any other legal advice, contact us today for your FREE consultation!