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    Have you or a loved one been injured while working on the job? If you have endured an accidental injury or contracted an occupational disease while working, contact Suddarth & Koor, LLC to inquire about filing a claim.

    If you’ve recently been injured on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a type of benefit system where employers offer compensation and benefits to workers that have been injured on the job, which may include covering the cost of associated medical bills and any resulting time off work. In Missouri, you should seek professional assistance in filing your claim.

    Get Help Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

    Having a workers’ compensation attorney isn’t a mandatory part of filing your claim. If, however, you’ve been injured on the job, having an attorney in your corner improves the chances of you winning your case exponentially. Receiving what you are entitled to in a worker’s compensation claim can be a difficult at times, because it’s your word against your employer’s, but having an experienced lawyer can help.

    With Suddarth and Koor, LLC we will help you with the development and presentation of your case, including collecting detailed medical records and if needed, presenting a thorough case before a judge in a way that is professional and compelling.

    We will help you evaluate your claim and discuss the best plan to maximize the potential compensation and benefits you will receive. We handle each and every case effectively and efficiently, for the fastest and best results.

    Receive financial benefits under workers’ compensation

    Under Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation and Second Injury Fund, you may be entitled to financial benefits after an injury. Our attorneys will help you file a claim, so you receive the financial compensation and benefits needed for you to recover from your injury.

    Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ compensation laws are in place to help employees who were injured while working. They were also created to cover illnesses cause by an unhealthy work environment or an injury caused by repetitive movement. Workers’ compensation benefits can include payments for medical treatments, wage replacement, rehabilitation, disability and more.

    If you are injured on the job, be sure to report the injury to your employer but note that a reported injury does not guarantee workers’ compensation benefits. You must file a claim for workers’ compensation in order to receive financial benefits under workers’ compensation

    A workers’ compensation case may include the Second Injury Fraud (SIF). THE SIF helps injured workers in a situation where another current work-related injury combine with a prior disability to create an increased combined disability.

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