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When you’re accused of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol or drugs in Missouri you may be charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, also known as DWI or DUI. DWI can be a serious misdemeanor or felony offense, depending on the circumstances of your charge, including how much alcohol or drugs you had in your body and whether someone was injured or killed because you drove while impaired.

Because of the potentially life-changing effects of a DWI/DUI conviction, it’s recommended that you seek help from an experienced Missouri defense lawyer if you or a family member has been charged. It may be that there were flaws in the police officer’s observations or collection of evidence of your impairment that can be challenged in court. A Suddarth and Koor, LLC attorney may be able to get your charge dismissed or your penalties reduced, depending on the circumstances of your case. Contact Suddarth and Koor, LLC to find out your options.


When you are arrested with a DWI, two different actions must be resolved. The first is that your driver’s license may be suspended, and the second is you will be prosecuted for a criminal offense. We will help you address both issues.

Various penalties can occur after a DWI such as, up to 12 months of jail time, monetary fines, license suspension, and community service. Some of these penalties are more severe than others, but can negatively affect your life and ability to work. Legal assistance is crucial during a DWI, and we will help you during this tough time.

Suddarth & Koor, LLC will strive for your DWI not to affect any future educational or employment possibilities.

A DWI can stay on your driving record for life, but with the proper attorney, it may not have to. In the State of Missouri, DWI accidents are taken very seriously, and aggressive representation is needed.

The statutory penalties for a DWI vary from jail time, probation, steep fines, license suspension, substance abuse traffic offender program, and other various revocations. These are just the consequences of the law, but there could be long-term consequences following a DWI charge. You would have a criminal record, a license revoked, a sizable insurance rate increase, and more.

We will work to avoid the harsh ramifications of a DWI arrest. Our goal is to avoid a conviction altogether and avoid long-term fallout.


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