6 Ways to Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

6 Ways to Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

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Getting the most out of your car accident settlement in Missouri

A car accident settlement can be quite significant if the case is severe enough to result in bad injuries or even death.

You will want to seek out a substantial personal injury recovery as you’ll have considerable expenses.

First and foremost, we always recommend you have car insurance before getting behind the wheel.

Missouri is “No Pay, No Play” state which means uninsured drivers cannot receive compensation for a car accident.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your car accident settlement:

#1 Request a police report

As soon as the accident happens and you know you are suffering injuries, call 911 and request that the police create a police report.

This means that they will detail what happened and document anyone involved. They will also record anyone who might have been a witness.

This report can serve you in a legal case. Be sure to ask them to take any pictures of the scene if you are too injured and cannot do so yourself.

#2 Document as much of the car accident as possible

You can also write up a report for your car accident settlement case. You should try to get pictures of everything that happened and all contact and insurance information of the people involved in the accident.

Write any other relevant information such as what vehicle was being driven, license plates, and witness statements. Take pictures of the scene and any items involved in the scene.

#3 Seek a medical professional

Do not delay any medical treatment needed, as it can make it look like your injuries were not sufficient, meaning the at-fault party can use it against your case. Try to keep all the medical documents you can from the accident.

Even if you don’t feel any pain, it’s important that you get a medical examination. Adrenaline can cause you not to feel pain for a little while; not until it’s very serious.

Keep all of your car accident medical records so that you can show them when you put in your claim.

#4 Take care of yourself after the car accident

Follow your doctor’s instructions by following your personal injury claim and make sure that you are mentally and physically stable before filing your claim.

Try your best to not treat yourself solely with pain killers, as people can become addicted, which could become a huge risk to your personal injury claim.

#5 File for a personal injury claim

When you file for your personal injury claim, do not forget about documentation. If you or the other person in the accident proceed to go to court, documentation of the injury will be critical.

This is precisely why pictures need to be taken, and documentation needs to be done. Speak to your insurance company about all your concerns as well as how you are planning to proceed with your case.

#6 Hire a car accident lawyer

You may need some legal help if your case is getting too complicated.  Find a car accident attorney who has dealt with these cases before and knows the law.

Make sure that you look for a lawyer that has experience working with insurance companies.

They are the one that will have to speak to the opposing individual/lawyer and their insurance company on your behalf.

Do you need compensation or legal advice for your accident?

We’re specialists in personal injury law and are always more than happy to help!

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