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Lawmakers have determined that certain types of weapons are the most dangerous. Some Missouri laws are designed to assure that these weapons don’t end up in civilian hands. Other laws are in place to prevent weapons from entering certain areas, such as school zones or courthouses.

When these restrictions are violated, the punishments can be severe. If you have been arrested for weapons violations, or if you have questions about where and how you can legally carry a gun or firearm, you should contact Suddarth and Koor, LLC.

Weapon Charges

A weapons charge will vary according to the details of the event and if anyone was hurt or killed as a result of the alleged weapons violation. One of the most common weapons charges is unlawful use of weapons. This covers a wide variety of charges or offenses, but usually indicated the unlawful possession of a weapon, not the actual use of the weapon.

This can include rifles, knives, handguns, and others. You may not have intended to use the weapon for harm, but it is a criminal offense to be in possession of certain weapons in specific areas or without proper documentation. The charge can go anywhere from a misdemeanor, all the way up to a felony.

These charges could potentially lead to jail time. It is important to know the rules and regulations for carrying a firearm.

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